Wedding Year Planner – Six to Twelve Months Before The Wedding

Wedding Planner Six to Twelve Months before the Wedding

So the big question was popped, you said yes – but what now? It is time to start planning the wedding! To help you with your planning, we have put together the following guide. This guide will assist in you in getting all the necessary things done in a suggested time frame to ease the stress that goes with planning a wedding.

Six to Twelve Months before the Wedding

  • Decide on the kind of wedding you want and at what time of the day the wedding will be. Will you be providing a meal for the guest or will it be a simple ceremony with cake and tea only? The time of day the wedding takes place will greatly influence the food choices.
  • Pick a date. Do this as soon as possible so that your bridal party and far away family can begin making arrangements for hotels and scheduling time away from their workplace.
  • Choose a location. Remember to take into consideration what the weather could be like on your wedding day. So keep an open mind. Set a budget. This is so important. Discuss it carefully between the two of you and your respective families.
  • Start planning the reception. Secure a hall, hotel, lodge, or whatever wedding venue suits you guys for your reception area.
  • Select the bridal party. It is important to do this as soon as possible so these special people can set aside some time away from work to fulfill their duties and roles in your wedding.
  • Secure the church and inquire about premarital counseling. Some churches require this for a marriage to be allowed.
  • Choose your colors. Your flowers, attire, linens, and cake will reflect your choice. Since you have to shop for these items fairly far in advance, it’s important that you are rock-solid on your color decision.
  • Choose and order the bridal gown, bridesmaids’ gowns and accessories.
  • Choose wisely and stay within your budget.
  • Start planning the honeymoon. The groom often takes the lead on this, but it should be a spot you will both enjoy.
  • Begin your bridal registry. Visit your favorite stores and choose items that you will need to start your life together.
  • Select and order wedding invitations and announcements.
  • Select the caterer, photographer, florist, and musicians. Keep their phone numbers handy in case you need something.
  • Choose and order the wedding rings.

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